AMTV - Research & Analytics Professional Services Firm

AMTV, LLC is a firm specializing in Analytics and Research that provides: collection, categorization, assimilation and assessment of information. These efforts are designed to assist; critical decision-making, strategic planning and risk management. Experience and a proven methodology have positioned the AMTV Team to provide the best level of service possible. These services provide outcomes that achieve a measurable level of return to our clients.

  1. Expertise – custom research and technology transfer are our core competencies. We have provided service to the largest entities and industries (over 60% of our work has been done in support of the U.S. Department of Defense) to small boutique firms as well as all sizes of entities in between.
  2. Elevated success rates - the analyses we conduct provide an understanding of the opportunity and how best to realize it, or when to give it a pass.
  3. Access to options - our purposeful efforts and extensive networks provide an array of solutions, prospects and potential strategic partnerships. Our analyses are designed to assist you in connecting with these options in a manner that maximizes your success.

Technology Transfer Services

The following services describe how AMTV works closely with organizations in the with leveraging their intellectual and material assets for financial and other gains.

Custom Research & Focused Analysis

The following services describe how AMTV works closely with organizations to gather information and provide assessments that allow them maximum outcomes for their critical decision making.

Project Examples

The following projects exemplify past successes and outcomes AMTV has provided to valued customers.